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What is the Linda Market Map?

The Linda Market Map is a graphical representation of how visible your business is to your customers.

Imagine having a bird's-eye view of your local market, with color-coded nodes indicating more potential customers and complete blindspots for your business.

The Linda Market Map isn't just a map. Linda effectively translates visual data into tangible growth for your business, through intelligent efforts that align to real-world actions.

Let Linda Propel New Business Growth.

Solutions for Small Business Marketing

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Linda’s pioneering Google Profile Pro product seamlessly integrates your profile presence

and website with everyday customer engagements to showcase your work and improve your Google ranking to get more customers.

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Linda captures real life moments because quality local content is integral to improving organic results, especially as local Internet statistics indicate the rising dominance of Google Local Pack and map app results in search.

The Linda Market Map is just the beginning; for us it is about understanding the correlation between business visibility, local search rank, and revenue growth. By analyzing your business's position on a Market Map, Linda unearths revenue opportunities, understands what's working, and what's not, and how to maximize your total impact to win local markets.

Inspired by industry pioneers.

Trust Linda to steer your local marketing strategies.

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