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Linda Local Jobsite Check Ins is an innovative, affordable, and contract-free solution designed for service businesses seeking to enhance their local relevance and online presence. By enabling quick job site check-ins, it allows businesses to effectively utilize their photos to outshine competitors, increase conversions, and rank higher on Google Maps.

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30 Seconds is all it takes to:

Capture an image or video of your services and products, Write a quick blurb about the media , Press Go!

Boost Google Maps Visibility

Hyper Local Check Ins Help You Rank At All The Areas You Do Work.

Super Charge Your Website

Supercharge Your Website: All Your Latest Jobs Get Uploaded To Your Site In Real Time.

Social Media Lead Booster

Geotagged Photo Shows Up Locally On Facebook & Instagram.

Capture an image or video of your services and products

Our powerful app turns everyday moments in your business into marketing material for your digital properties. Anyone from your staff can snap before and after pics, take videos of your service being performed, create educational customer content, and so much more with just a few moments of their time. Turn this media and content into optimized check-ins on your Google Profile, geo-tagged properties for your website, and engaging marketing pieces for your social media profiles.

Keep your website fresh with new content that showcases your projects and products. Convert website traffic with galleries of your best work and customer testimonials. How long has it been since you updated your website content? Are you publishing your new media on a regular schedule? If not, you are not alone. Take the burden off of your plate and don’t waste time on an agency or marketing assistant, just use Linda and enjoy a continuously updated website.

Do not fall victim to having dead social media profiles or filling them with fluff. Keep your socials bursting at its seams with top quality posts boasting your best work, satisfied customers, and content that empowers your brand. Potential customers want to work with professionals that walk the walk, show them that with some of the most engaging content that you can possibly put out to the world.

Tell your Brand’s Story with your Authentic Voice and Let Customers Connect with you through Everyday Moments in your Business

The agency model has put businesses in a bad spot in terms of how they create and publish content. Agencies swallow most of if not all of SMBs marketing budgets and then farm out the content production to a foreign shop or use AI. Customers YEARN for that authentic touchpoint. They want to see the results of your products and services and even the journey in which you deliver them.

With the Linda APP you can be the ultimate representation for your brand and show your customers they are working with real experts, people in their community that care about the quality services and products they provide. Let your competitors go through the motions of producing low quality filler content or blowing through their growth budgets with fly by night agencies, while you convert your staff into evangelists for your brand.

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Linda is designed to bring you more reviews, increase google rank & dominate your local business area!

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Power Up Your Google Business, Website & Social Media

In 2023 every local business needs to be adding real content to their Google Business, Website & Social Media at least 3 times per week. Linda puts the power of job site check ins to work for your business.

Fresh Content Drives Website Ranking & More Leads

As a business owner you don't have time to update your site weekly. With job site check in photos, it is automatically handled by Linda - all your latest work is now on your site for customers to see!

  • Turn Your Photos Into Profit-Generating Assets
  • Puts your real time jobs to work for you generating more leads, jobs & business
  • All in under 60 seconds with Linda Jobsite Check ins

Increase Google Maps Visibility For More Leads

Linda Geotags & optimizes each photo with data about your business. Then automatically uploads a Google Business Post every time you check in!

  • Amplify your Google Business
  • Rank in a wider service area
  • Use your Jobsite Photos to market your business easily
  • Limitless business automation
  • Knowledge management

Deliver great service experiences fast - without the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions.

Locally Relevant To Customers On Social Media

Linda makes social media a breeze by connecting these jobsite photos directly to the top social platforms automatically. All your latest work will show in the areas your customers already are!

  • Engage social media automatically so its never forgotten again
  • Get your beautiful real time work on social media
  • Amplify your brand’s voice across the most important platforms

How Linda Works

Jobsite check ins will grow your business by amplifying your ranks on Google maps! It will increase your conversions on your website by showcasing your latest work in real time as you perform jobs. Then amplify your brand voice by syndicating these powerful photos directly to Facebook & Instagram. Turning your brand into the powerhouse you deserve to be on the internet!

Collect Reviews Easily

DFY Review Collection & Tips To Generate Reviews

Improve Ranks

Get more business by being at the top of Google Search Results

Monitor Feedback

Your business relies on happy customers. One dashboard to easily manage

Promote Your Reputation

Leverage the power of your reviews to beat out your local competition

Track Local Ranks

See exactly how you show up in Google Maps with visual ranking representation

Engage Customers

SMS, Websitechat, Review collection, improve Google ranks

Customers Love It

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