Real Work Labs vs. Linda

Read our comparison of Real Work Labs' software versus the Linda marketing suite.


RealWork Labs offers a localized content platform designed to facilitate the capture of videos, reviews, and images linked to specific job locations. Their platform aims to enhance the online visibility of service providers, foster consumer trust, and make businesses discoverable based on their work locations rather than their office addresses.

  • Advanced Location Management
  • Omni Channel Inbox
  • Reputation Management
  • Job Checkins
  • Call Tracking
  • Form Tracking
  • AI Chatbot
  • Listing Management & Distribution

Shared Features

Linda and Real Work Lab have two primary shared features: Job Checkins and Review Requests. We haven't seen the 'Review Requests' feature in action but the 'Job Checkins' feature is easy to find in the wild and we think their team did great work.

Feature Disparity

While RWL and Linda share two features, Linda has a significant amount of additional features including Call and Form Tracking, an Omni Channel Support Inbox, an AI Chatbot (Linda Bot), Listing & Citation Management, all in a native mobile app. Our reputation management suite has years of development and battle tests and we invite any RWL customers to compare the feature... grab a demo today to see what Linda has for you.

The Bottom Line...

While Real Work Labs has a solid team and product, Linda has a significantly larger set of features for a significantly cheaper price.

We're fully bootstrapped and Linda and have been building products in the Digital Marketing space for the last decade so we have the flexibility to set our own prices and grow at our own pace.

RWL, as a Venture Backed company, has a responsibility to return a profit to their investors and that is why we offer more functionality for a fraction of the cost, with no contracts. We are small business owners building for small business owners.

The Linda Comparison

Linda and RWL compete in one functionality (Check Ins) while Linda has significantly more feature coverage.

90 out of 100

Linda is a multi functional Local Marketing Suite designed for small business owners by small business owners.

40 out of 100

Real Work Labs makes hyper local software "made for the field".

Feature Comparison

See how Linda and RWL compare feature by feature.

Description Linda Real Work Labs
Location Management
GBP Post Scheduling Schedule single or bulk posts to any number of Google locations at once.
GBP Image Scheduling Schedule single or bulk images to any number of Google locations once.
Q&A Posting Respond to and post Q&A's directly from the dashboard.
Attribute Change Notifications Get notifications via SMS or email when any GMB attribute changes on your listing(s).
Rank Heatmaps Get visibility heatmaps of your GBP locations rankings.
GBP Analytics Reports Get scheduled reports delivered directly to your inbox to measure your GBP visibility increases.
GBP Auditing Automated audits into your target keyword competitors to see what they are doing right (or wrong).
Job Checkins Take photos on the job site and automatically stream them to where it matters most.
Image Optimization Auto optimize your images as they are scheduled for GBP publishing.
Omni Channel Inbox
Website Live Chat Chat with customers directly on your website to increase your speed to lead.
Unlimited Chat Agents Allow your entire staff to chat with customers across any communication channel.
Automation Workflows Quickly tag conversations, deliver canned replies and automate your customer support.
Pre Chat Form Gather required contact details before customers engage with your chat widgets.
Multi Channel Communication Linda Chat supports website widgets, SMS inboxes, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and more.
Contact CRM Automatically store and manage your Conversation Contacts in the native CRM.
Audit Logs Audit actions and conversations so you can monitor all customer - team communication.
Lead Management
Phone Tracking Native call tracking for your website or Google listing allows you to truly track where your leads are coming from.
Form Tracking Track forms and webhooks with Linda and see leads in real time on the native mobile app.
Form To Phone Call Automatically turn form submits into conference calls with Linda's Form To Phone technology.
Call Recording Optionally record calls so you can review and verify interactions.
Business Hour Support Automatically send callers to voice mail after hours.
Round Robin Agents Ring agent numbers sequentially if agents don't pickup.
Listing Management
Business Citations Tap into the only important business directories with Linda Listings.
Data Syncing Instantly update your business information on 50+ of the top directories.
AI Chatbot
Autonomous Support Agent AI chatbot that natively integrates with Linda Chat, your omnichannel inbox.
AI Appointment Scheduling Let Linda Bot fill your Google Calendars with booked appointments on Auto Pilot.
Human Hand Off Linda Bot can detect when a customer wants to speak with a human and seamlessly hand over control.
Conference Calls When your leads want to speak to a human on the phone, Linda Bot can initiate a conference call via natural language.
Work Flows Send notifications when important events occur, re-engage stagnate conversations and keep your leads flowing.
Work Flows Send notifications when important events occur, re-engage stagnate conversations and keep your leads flowing.
Customer Support Bot Answer commons questions like service area, services offered, pricing, operating hours and more on Auto Pilot.
Dynamic Intents Connect any 3rd party system with your Chatbot's responses with Dynamic Intents.
Lead Qualification Qualify every lead according to your business's requirements, every time.
Reputation Management
Review Generation Send Review Requests to customers to gather new Reviews.
Embeddable Review Widget Display reviews inline on your website pages.
Floating Review Widget Have your latest reviews 'float' over your web pages as eye catching notifications.
White Label Domain Support Send review email requests from your own custom domain.
Feedback Gathering Form Builder Gather custom feedback from your customers, tailored to your business.
Review Responses Ability to respond to reviews from directly in your Linda dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Do you make us sign a yearly contract?

Nope, no yearly contracts. No minimum engagement lengths. We consider our responsibility to earn your business every day.

How much does Linda cost?

Plans start at $199/month for an account you manage and $349/mo for an account that is fully managed by us.

How does support work?

We are fanatics about providing great customer support. You'll have an account manager you can contact for help, customer support agents waiting to live chat with you and team emails you can ask for help to as well.

I have more than one location... can you support that?

Yep, we have worked with customers ranging from single location operations to multi billion dollar enterprises.

Do we have to do the setup?

Nope! Every single Linda account gets a complimentary onboarding and account set up. It's a lot of software and we want you to be able to hit the ground running!

Do you offer discounts?

You can upgrade to a yearly plan at any time to save 2 months off your subscription. Multi location deals are an every day occurence so reach out to our customer support if you're interested.

Does this help my SEO?

Yes. Linda is built by veteran Search Marketers with 20+ years of experience helping local businesses get more visibilty online.