Understand where your leads are coming from.

Call and form tracking with just the right amount of complexity

Call Tracking

Track exactly how many phone calls come from your Google listing per month.

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Form Tracking

Track and get notified when your form submissions come through.

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Discover Your Lead Sources

Unveil the true potential of your marketing channels with Linda's precise call and form tracking feature. It's simple yet effective, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Advanced Call Tracking

Track calls from your Google Listings and website.

Local Area Codes

Call tracking area codes local to you.

Form Tracking

Tracking on every form submit.

Lead Notifications

Get instant lead notifications.

Track Real Phone Calls Off Your Google Listings

Access your leads on the go

We know you're busy. Use Linda's Mobile App to see your form leads and listen to your call leads from anywhere.

Form Tracking

  • Real Time Notifications
  • Ajax Form Support
  • Webhook Support
  • Mobile App Viewable
  • Form To Call Technology

Advanced Call Tracking

  • Call Recording
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Google Listing Tracking
  • Central Analytics
  • Secure Data Storage

Mobile & Web App Accessibility

  • Monitor Leads
  • Manage leads
  • Convenient web app
  • Native Android & Iphone
  • Real time alerts

Powering Successful Marketing for Thousands of Small Businesses

Empower entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and businesses to connect with potential clients effectively. Leverage the Linda suite to track, manage, and engage with leads, ensuring a memorable customer experience every time.

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Monitor your lead interactions and campaigns through Linda's unified platform. Track phone calls, form submissions, and instantly gather data, ensuring that your marketing and sales teams have detailed insights for effective follow-ups and engagement.

Deliver exceptional customer interactions promptly - without the complications of traditional lead management tools. Boost your marketing efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and ensure every lead is attended to, with comprehensive reports and insights for every interaction.

Frequently asked questions

Linda's Lead Management is a comprehensive system designed to help small businesses track, manage, and engage with potential clients. With features like Call & Form tracking, you can monitor all lead interactions, be it through phone calls or digital forms. By leveraging our system, businesses can better understand their potential customers' needs and preferences, ensure timely follow-ups, and ultimately increase their conversion rates.

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